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Silicon Lake offers top-quality solutions based on blockchain technology.

consulting services

We provide high value-added consulting services to companies that are seeking to apply blockchain technology to their business model.

nft ecosystem

We utilize the great potential of the NFT technology to create NFT based systems or ensure the security of any digital assets and documents.

project development

We assist companies in developing and managing technological projects, guiding the process through the ever-changing digital world.

Silicon Lake

Silicon Lake is an innovative start-up focused on blockchain technology.
We generate high value technological and digital projects, turning cutting-edge projects into solid reality.
Our goal is to make the blockchain ecosystem, as well as the products/services that can be implemented in it, understandable and applicable to any kind of business and sector.



People in the team

Our projects

Silicon Lake’s projects aim to make the blockchain technology understandable to all and applicable to any business and sector.
Hodie NFT is the first Italian multi-brand NFT marketplace, made unique by its focus on storytelling.
HodiePass is a platform that allows the notarization of documents on the bitcoin blockchain to ensure their immutability and security.

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